Monday, April 11, 2011


About a year ago, I went vegan.  A lot of people have asked me, "Why?"

There is no one answer for that question, but these are my reasons.

I had been vegetarian off and on for years.  I attempted to go vegan once before, when my oldest was a baby (so roughly 9 years ago) but failed because I love cheese.  It started off as a means to lose weight, if I'm being honest.  Then, 5 or so years ago, my best friend, Deb, decided SHE wanted to be vegetarian, because she was(is) an animal rights advocate and was completely against animal cruelty.  Through her, I learned how inhumane a lot of companies are.  I learned all about animal testing, and at that point decided I would no longer support companies that did such horrible things.

Then in April 2010, I made the decision.  By now pretty much everything I used-from cleaning products to cosmetics-was vegan already, so I took the plunge and omitted egg and dairy from my diet.  It was surprisingly very easy this time-maybe because I was more committed to succeeding this time?  Not sure.  But I do know that I feel so much better these days than I did before I became vegan.  It's forced me to look at what I'm buying, and what I'm feeding my family.  It has also forced me to be creative with food.  You can only have so much quinoa or salad before you get tired of it, so I invested in a few vegan cook books and have become adventurous with what I make.  I have to say that I have yet to be disappointed!

And as the result of me being vegan, I am helping the environment, and the creatures that live in it.  And if I happen drop a few dress sizes in the process, well then hey...bonus!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hold the Phone!

I've decided to once again, start all over with my blog.  I do that from time to time, so if you were/are a reader of the previous blog, sorry! lol

I have reinvented myself in the past couple of years, and I felt like I was ready for a new beginning.

For the standard "about me" stuff...

I am 31, living in Ohio (but from Texas), married to a wonderful man, and we have 4 sons of various ages.  I became vegan right around a year ago, and I subscribe to a natural parenting/AP/"crunchy" lifestyle.

My kids are my life, and from time to time I do post about them.  My oldest is 9 and he's one of the smartest 3rd graders I've ever known.  The 6 year old is the stereotypical "boy"-rough and tumbly, loves getting dirty, etc...the 3 year old is my miracle--a preemie born nearly 3 months early, who has become this big bundle of energy...he's starting preschool soon and I'm a nervous wreck about it!  Then there's the baby-the sweetest cuddlebug ever.  He's learning to walk now and is on his way to being just as energetic as his big brothers.

I plan to use this space for random thoughts, maybe even articles or subjects that appeal to me.  I hope that if you are reading, you will enjoy! :)
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